Easy Tempo, Vol. 11: The Round Trip (2lp)

On the occasion of RT 30 (the celebration of Right Tempo's thirty years of activity) the Italian record company has decided, among other things, to publish a new volume of this successful series. The 'Easy Tempo' series, born in 1996, aimed to disseminate a sound linked to black culture (in its broadest meaning and most varied forms) with contaminations ranging from psychedelia to vintage electronics through soul, funk and jazz. Having drawn from the world of soundtracks did not arise from a specific passion in this area, but from the simple fact that that universe offered a vast repertoire, however submerged, of music suitable for the 'groove' vocation of Right Tempo, as well as a distinctive sign of national identity, considering the caliber of the composers and musicians involved in writing and performing the music featured in the different tracking lists of the series. To that respect, starting from volume 11 that you are holding in your hand, 'Easy Tempo' will expand its editorial horizons, including tracks taken from obscure, underrated and/or hard to find records that transcend the congested world of soundtracks. It should also be emphasized that, given the label international vocation, the repertoire from which they will draw will no longer be limited to Italian record productions, but will have a global perspective. The sound journey you are about to embark on is steeped in soul, funk, jazz, Latin, psychedelia, with a pinch of electronics at times. Travelling flutes, tight and driving rhythm patterns and rich and colorful arrangements perfectly indicate the 'Easy Tempo' series' new direction. The most intriguing and ubiquitous aspect is particularly incisive thanks to the 'cinematic' cut given to the selection. This new chapter will meet the expectations of all those who have enjoyed the ten previous volumes of this collection of sounds and emotions over time. TRACKS: 01. Roberto Pregadio - First Time Three 02. Soul's Soul - Angelus 03. Orchestra Mustang - Unfertown 04. Genius - Bermilyia Avenue 05.. Gianni Marchetti - Disposta A Tutto 06. I Raffazzonati -Maria Schneider 07. Brooklyn Bridge Group -Take Me To New York 08. Hugh Bullen - Sunshine Train 09. Carlo Cordara E I Waterloo - Un Uomo Che Lavora 10. Les Chakachas - Super Cat 11. Le Streghe - Kapua Pele Ea 12. Ninety - African Flute 13. Lara Saint Paul - The Voodoo Lady 14. Ivano Fossati - Tema Del Lupo 15. Sandro Brugnolini - Afro Free (unreleased edit) 16. Gianni Basso Quartet - Josie's Theme 17. Enzo Scoppa - Guida Sicura 18. Gino Marinacci - Meeting 19. The Gypsy - Gershwin Medley - Summertime

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