Frequendly asked questions

How frequently do you update your site?

Our website is updated at least once a day by adding all new releases –incl. descriptions- and mentioning titles which are no longer available and/or out of print.

How will my order be delivered?

We will have the goods delivered at the shipping address as supplied by customer. We will make all reasonable endeavours to dispatch orders within two (2) working days, but under some circumstances this however won’t be possible. We will notify the customer if there are no suitable ways to dispatch placed orders within thirty (30) days.

Is my package insured?

Packages are NOT insured against loss or damage, unless you specifically ask us to insure these. If you do not request insurance, then your order is sent at your own risk. Please ask us about the availability and costs of insurance.

What about damaged, missing or wrong items?

Immediately upon the customes reception of delivered (ordered) goods, the customer has to inspect the shipment and notify us by telephone or email in case of missing items, defects or damage. In case of the latter, the customer will get written ‘instructions’ from us concerning the manner of how to return the wrong or defected items. If the customer fails to notify us within eight (8) days after delivery of the ordered goods, the goods have to be unconditionally accepted by the customer. If we are at fault for sending you the wrong item, you can return this within thirty (30) days after purchase.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the weight of the package and where it’s going. Please note that this is only applicable to 7”s, CDs, and LPs. Send us an email if you’re ordering heavier items like books or box sets. If you order outside Europe and we can't ship it under 2 KG ( 4-5 records), we will make also an offer with the current postage costs. Please check our Shipingcosts here.

If your question is not answered, please send a mail to