Doop-a-go-go Party

Following the 'Voices Super Sound' compilation, El Vidocq wanted to continue to explore vocals, vocal harmonies and choirs... a doo wop theme, or gospel, or even choirs? Ultimately it has become a bit of all that, always with the idea of making a great record that is good to listen to from start to finish. Here we rediscover well-known groups like The Turbans, The Five Keys, Tiny Topsy & The Charms, but also many having only made one single such as acts like The Chanteurs, Avalons, The Lidos, Mad Lads and The Moon Stones. Some sang with religious convictions, like Evelyn Freeman; others had other musical directions like The Visions and The Paramours. But all have in common a lot of generosity in their songs and also a lot of "boom boom" of "wop wop" of "ouh ouuuhhh." To summarize, as the opening track says "come on everybody yeah, now, yeaheah.." SIDE 1: 1. The Chanteurs - The Grizzly Bear 2. The Paramours - Prison Break 3. Tiny Topsy & The Charms - Come On, Come On, Come On 4. The Five Keys - Boom-Boom 5. The Creators - Booga Bear 6. Jay Brinkley - Crazy Crazy Heart 7. The Chants - Dick Tracy 8. Evelyn Freeman - All God's Chillum SIDE 2: 1. The Visions - Cigarette 2. Avalons - Malanese 3. The Turbans - The Wadda-Do 4. The Classics - Elmo 5. The Lidos - Bashanova 6. The Uptones - Dreamin' 7. Mad Lads - Hey Man 8. The Moon Stones - Love Call

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