Treasure Of Grundo

Dysantzu (special Cover)

Special folded cover. It took two years in the Geertruida studio to get all the sounds and structures together that make Dysantz. Just eight songs the band tried to work out in perfection. Just eight songs that represent the full scale of everything that is Grundo. Eight songs the band believes could mark a new dawn for synth-based music in the Netherlands, though still fully aware of always being the weird looking duck in the pond. But well, aim high or get stuck in the muddy Dutch soil. Recording this album was a journey that took the band through every conceivable musical melt-down, band struggles, mix after mix, session after session, writers block, heaps of coffee and red wine, print after print, day after day, and record after record of beloved musicians. And finally, Iceland, the band's first love, where this album was mixed by Pétur Ulfur Einarsson (Pornopop, Black Valentine) in Iceland. Listening to this record will keep the listener interested, layer after layer, wave after wave, one song at the time. It will hopefully keep a place in your musical consciousness for years to come, a place in your heart, and a place in your record collection. It's their baby, so take good care of it, just like they did.

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