Serpentina Satelite

Nothing To Say

The quartet Serpentina Satelite was formed by the end of 2003 in Lima, Peru. Their music creates atmospheres and emotions throughout diverse musical influences; exploring space-kraut-rock, avantgarde stoner and psychedelia. In late 2004 the band produced independently their first EP named LONG PLAY, feat. 5 longtunes - only released in PERU. Now, four years later, NOTHING TO SAY is their international debut, on TRIP IN TIME / distributed by World in Sound! Serpentina Satelite with their 5 new cuts (49 mins) present a raw, variative heavy spectrum plus effects and lots of spacefeeling; comparable to La Ira De Dios "Archeopterix" album, but also inspiration taken from the 70s Hawkwind, Amon D2 and Ashra Temple. Mastering was done analogue in Walldorf at Perplex Tonstudio (Guru Guru, Embryo, Kraan, Obskuria). The epic opener NUEVA OLA takes you right away on a mysterious trip to the satelite's new musical galaxy. And for the title track NOTHING TO SAY, better fasten your seatbelts - this is high energy rock'n'roll freakout! THE LAST DROP and MADRIPOOR establish their strong overdrive rock sound, before with KOMMUNE I, a final 23 minute journey to the roots of psychedelic rock begins. (Nothing to say in a diff. Version and Madripoor can be heard on V.A. Trip In Time Vol 2 & 3) - Another example for the high-energy Peruvian Underground Sound!!!

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