The Real World

Back in the late 70s Richard Kueht and Paul Trowbridge played guitar in PENTAGRAM before being replaced by Victor Griffin, who were all familiar with. They hooked up with Steve Angel (singer/bass) and drummer Ronnie Sharpe and formed REACTOR. They played some live gigs in the mid 80's, one that is featured in this release. Shortly after the gig, Richard moved down to Florida and was replaced by Mike Reid, and at that time renamed the band THE REAL WORLD. They ended up only recording a 6 song studio EP which is the first 6 songs off of this release, that was never released until now. As far as their sound is concerned, it just came out natural for them, nothing forced, just basically some guys jamming good old SABBATH/PENTAGRAM influenced dirty Rock N Roll with a "social relevant" lyrical message to the fans. The music is raw, heavy, and catchy. After many line-up changes (even Joe Hasselvander (he played guitar) was in the band at one point), they decided to call it quits as it was more or less something for these guys to hang around and do with no pressure and to let off some steam rather than a band looking to go somewhere. This is one of the most obscure 80s bands around the Maryland/Virginia area, but I can tell you this is without a shadow of doubt quality Heavy Metal/Rock and deserves to be in anyones metal collection whos looking to complete their Maryland/Virginia Doom collection.

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