2018 album remastered and available on vinyl for the first time! "We all know that music moves in 'cycles'; a generation will discover, revisit and rework the music of a former generation. We've seen this happen on a regular basis with differing results. One of the most pleasing of these revisits sees contemporary bands look back to the early pioneers of electronic music, especially the Berlin scene of the seventies, and thus we see the likes of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Klaus Schulze becoming huge influences on modern music (it is fair to say, however, that these have long been major influences but now that influence is worn like a statement of intent). Add to this the rise in popularity of film soundtracks and a whole new generation becoming familiar with the likes of Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Goblin etc etc and you have a heady brew of contemporary analogue music that treats these influences with the respect they deserve but add their own distinctive twist on affairs. That preamble leads to this album by Mutante, the pairing of Alec Wood and Jonathan Parkes, who you may know from their equally as excellent Korb project. Previously out in 2018 on CD and digital on Dreamlord Recordings, this wonderful slice of nostalgic electronica is receiving a well deserved vinyl outing courtesy of those fine dudes at Up In Her Room Records. Now, as a rule I do try, not always successfully, not to use the word 'cinematic' but in this case I'm just gonna have to... Mutante is just crying out for a film ... a sci-fi/horror slasher film would be good!..." ~Sun & Violence review October 2022. Available on heavyweight blue wax, reverse board sleeve and DL code.

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