E.t. Explore Me

Drug Me

"An ACE Tone Compact drum'n'bass psych punk LSD massacre pressed on WAX and just produced for your 24h dance and hangover nights in Haarlem/Amsterdam!" Haarlem/Amsterdam's underground heroes from The Netherlands - this band is using an ACE Tone Compact Organ (mid '60s) squeezing out the most amazing sound ever, launching into orbit on one song and fuzz- shred punk rock bangs your fist right in the middle in the other song - not to mention the awesome drum'n'bass section that will turn your head 380 degrees in no time. 3 people make a sound out of 5, in these recordings they go more in the direction of the synthesiser sound or slight electronica. But it's not just that, it's that damn ACE Tone Compact Organ blasting through your ears!!!! The record begins with 'Boots,' a signature E.T. Explore Me smasher, 'Ark' is a journey into itself, a religious revelation. Light up the darkness!!! Voodoo Rhyrhm already has released 'Drug Me' on 7" vinyl and just like the song 'Drip,' it tells stories about taking banned hallucinating drugs in a 24-hour party and a crazy night of dancing in the nightclubs of Amsterdam. 'SIC' is a dangerous uncontrolled drive by car through the nights in Haarlem. Please take a minute and immerse yourself in the world of E.T. Explore Me and rediscover yourself with this band from Haarlem/Amsterdam.

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