Brown, Barry

Love And Protection

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Barry Brown was one of the handful of upcoming artists that came to define the emerging dancehall style as a singer with a distinctive high tenor that was instantly recognizable, and one which inevitably made a lasting impression on the listener. His lyrics were witty, gritty, and full of gusto, typically addressing the trials and tribulations facing the underprivileged, but also celebrating the positive aspects of ghetto life, including the irresistible lure of the local sound systems, the need to enjoy a loving relationship with a woman, and the various other joys one may encounter along the way. Most of the work on 'Love And Protection,' an intriguing compilation that surfaced in the mid-1990s, brings us back to Barry Brown's peak period as heard on the 'Cool Pon Your Corner' and 'Far East' LPs, along with the original unembellished mixes of two EPs released by Black Roots, as well as some harder to trace material, such as the vibrant digital title track. Running the gauntlet from 'reality' tunes to dance numbers to songs of loving romance and everything in between, it ultimately emphasizes Barry Brown's impressive versatility, highlighting the important role he played in the shift from roots to dancehall. SIDE 1: 1. Love And Protection 2. I Want To Get Closer 3. When You Love A Girl 4. Real Love 5. Check Yourself 6. Give A Helping Hand SIDE 2: 1. Don't Let Problems Get You Down 2. Things And Time 3. Moving On 4. I'm Not So Lucky 5. Lonely Man 6. Never Stop Trying

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