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Release date: 22/03/2022

Barcode: 2090505193268

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The story of The Fallouts starts in 1961 when they first got together in the Deken Frankenstraat in Valkenswaard (NL). In the early days covers from Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry were favourites in their set. From 1964 until 1966 they had a weekly residency in Dancing Hotel Royal aka Bosje, named after landlord Floor Bos. When they made it to the grand final of "De Gouden Micro," a Belgian competition for beat bands, their popularity increased. The final took place in 1965 at Het Sportpaleis in Antwerpen (BE). In 1965 The Fallouts recorded their single 'De Vlieg'/'Hartstikke Dood' at the Madeleine-studio in Brussel, but unfortunately the Belgian record bosses thought the lyrics were too freaky. At that time in the Netherlands freaky Dutch lyrics were quite popular. For example, pop-art band Het stormed the Dutch charts. They re-recorded the songs at the ELA Philips Studio in Eindhoven with producer Theo Wytzes. Despite the fact it's a collectors item now, in 1966 it didn't score and only 500 were sold. Because of this they decided to switch from Dutch to English.
In 1967 The Fallouts recorded 'I'm Sick Of Living'/'I've Been Waiting' at the GTB Studio in The Hague. They played it in the famous Willem Duys show, during the first Dutch TV broadcast in colour! Sadly the second single wasn't a big succes either. A third single 'Clouds'/'Pickpockets' was planned but that never happened because in 1968 the band fell apart. Will Theus started a duo with Josien van Och called Peggy and Donald. In 1982 there was reunion concert in "Bosje" and The Fallouts have been playing ever since! On the 24th of April 2022 they will play their last concert in Valkenswaard. Mastered by Arjan of The Kik. Limited to 300 copies, so be fast!
1. De Vlieg
2. Hartstikke Dood
3. Je Praat Teveel
4. Linke Diederik
5. That Was Enough
6. You Don't Care
7. I'm Sick Of Living (1st Version)
1. I'm Sick Of Living
2. I've Been Waiting
3. Pickpockets
4. Clouds
5. On An Island
6. She's A Cat
7. I've Been Waiting (1st Version)




2018 single by the Dutch Nederbiet legens from Valkenswaard City, well-known for their classics 'De Vlieg' and 'Hartstikke Dood'. Featuring Dave von Raven from The Kik.

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