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Label: PLATO

Release date: 10/12/2021

Barcode: 2090505152067

Catalog no.: PLATO0000216

Item ID: 515206

"Last summer we witnessed the debut gig by local mullet punks No Brains and instantly deceided they needed to be recorded ASAP! Young, loud and snotty, these teenagers delivered a raucous punk rock racket. They are obviously influenced by the sounds that have emerged from down under in recent years, but you can trace the roots of their sound back tot he early New Bomb Turks or the pre-Rollins Black Flag. Heck, they would've been perfectly at home in the Raw Records roster way back in 1977 somewhere next to the Unwanted! But hey, these kids are way too young to have ever heard that stuff, it just goes to show that this kind of youthful energy has been omnipresent for ages and will remain as such as long as kids pick up a guitar. And no, they haven't heard of Eater either." ~Jeroen Vedder & Willem de Vries/Plato Utrecht.

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