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Release date: 14/12/2020

Barcode: 2090505023268

Catalog no.: MRI0000124

Item ID: 502326

Marika "Politissa" Frantzeskopoulou was a Greek singer from Constantinople, reknowned for her precise, fluid and graceful performances and depth of feeling. Backed by some of the best musicians of the era on lyra, violin, oud, kanonaki and guitar, Marika's repertoire spanned Byzantine, Ottoman, Jewish, and Syrian musical traditions, with the ability to devastate her audience through her expressions of grief, exile, and tragic love. This album collects her finest recordings that run the gamut of pitch-black dirges and torch songs, lilting and fragile odes to heartache, heavy stoner rebetika, and ecstatic Near-Eastern
climaxes, each with a visceral sense of atmosphere, emotion, and fatalism. Marika's voice is complimented beautifully by her backing musicians, creating a pulsing acoustic foundation over which her voice soars with clarity and purpose. Highly recommended for sleepless nights, hellish breakups, tsipouro and hashish. This is the first-ever collection of Marika Politissa's music, the result of several years of research and collecting original 78s, and includes a 12 page color booklet with rare photographs, full lyrics, and extensive notes. Produced in collaboration with Tony Klein ('Greek Rhapsody', 'Mortika') and Stavros Kourousis ('From Tambouras To Bouzouki') and co-released by Olvido Records (A. Kostis, Alexis Zoumbas).
12" black vinyl LP in reverse-board jacket.

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