N.O.I.A. - A.I.O.N.

LP (12"/10" Album)

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Label: J.A.M. TRAXX

Release date: 08/12/2016

Barcode: 8056099000157

Catalog no.: JAMMTRA0000004

Item ID: 441077

N.O.I.A. began in the early 1980s, performing the kind of Italo-disco that became massively huge across the entire continent. Released as a limited edition 12-inch in response to the recent cold-wave renaissance, these are reworkings of original tracks from the 1980s, newly mastered and with remixes from The Hacker, L.A.S.'s Crime, Hard Ton and Potochkine on Side B.
1. Change Faster (Rework)
2. Europe (Rework)
3. Korova Milk Bar (Rework)
4. No Mistakes (Rework)
1. Change Faster (Potochkine Remix)
2. Europe (L.A.S.'s Crime Remix)
3. Korova Milk Bar (The Hacker Remix)
4. No Mistakes (Hard Ton Remix)

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