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Release date: 24/02/2014


Catalog no.: ADN0000175

Item ID: 397442

Ever-changing and ever progressing: over the course of a few years, 2Methyl (formerly known as 2Methylbulbe1ol) has become something of a well kept secret. With only a few records (including one on Peace Off's Ruff label shared with Niveau Zero and one featuring a remix by Hecq), he has developed an intricate, intense and particularly sharp sound, somewhere at the meeting points of genres. 'Orb' is his long awaited first adventure into drum'n'bass. The tempo has become faster, the sound a bit more stripped, and the focus has greately gained in precision and drive. And still, 2Methyl knows better than repeat and copy. 'Orb' is a very intricate work: clear, heavy, sharp and adding this musician's experience and experiments to beats which are sure to pack the dancefloor. An EP for the feet as much as for the brain from an artist to watch extremely closely.

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2methyl's first full length album is both a feast for the dancefloor and an example of creativity. Following the 'Orb' EP, 'Layer 8' is a hard, fast album of futuristic dark drum'n'bass. But it is also an example of how to bring this genre forward while staying true to its ... read more »

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On his 2011 demo, here completed, remastered and re-designed, Oyaarss already expressed all that made of his 'Bads' album such a widely praised work: the intense analog noise, the bass-heavy droning, and most of all the implacable, misanthropic atmospheres. 'Smaida Greizi ... read more »

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Machinecode's fourth full-length album is the one in which Current Value and Dean Rodell let their creativity flow wild. Stylistically diverse, daring in its experiments and rich of their production expertise, this is an album which includes dancefloor-packing tracks but ... read more »

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Broken Note is back to quench our thirst for organic bass and intense beats. 'Black Mirror' is a further refinement of this act's core sound, which is heavy, dense and cutting-edge, but also a step towards more cinematic sonorities, faster beats and new structures. As ... read more »

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With his second album, Mobthrow refines his very original mixture of beat-driven breaks and highly evocative atmospheres, enriching them with a subtle newfound palette. A very original work at the meeting point of the club and the sonic daydream, 'Unfolded' sharpens ... read more »

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Heavy, dense, suffocating and massive,k here comes Fausten, the new collaborative project by Monster-X and Stormfield. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Far from replicating their breakcore, techno and dubstep solo tracks, these two musicians this time gave birth ... read more »

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Ad Noiseam welcomes Gore Tech, a new example of the renaissance of breakcore and all things extremely hard electronic music. Tapping from the experience and progresses made in productions over the genre's famine years, this young British musician infuses his heavy beats and ... read more »

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