LIMBO - EARLY WORKS 1984-1987 (2CD)

LIMBO - EARLY WORKS 1984-1987 (2CD)

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Release date: 19/09/2008

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LIMBO was an influential eclectic music project created in February 1984 by the Tuscan artist Gianluca Becuzzi (aka G. Luca B.) - still one of the most important personalities on the Italian electronic / electro-acoustic and experimental scenes.
Since 1984 LIMBO has released twelve LPs, plus two mini albums, one boxset, and one tape. Characteristic of the bands whole artistic approach was its exploration of rhythm / timbre, as well as the highly dramatic mood created by both the sound and the themes examined (i.e. technology and mysticism, science and neoprimitivism, thanatology and extreme erotic practices).
The aesthetic quality of the band, its conceptual and formal coherence, and the continuity of its developed languages, all helped to create the "cult" status that still surrounds the name LIMBO on the international underground circuit. "Early Works 1984-1987" is a double-CD including a digitally re-mastered and polished version of the whole musical production of LIMBO in its early years. The entire audio work was provided by Diego Loporcaro (aka D. Loop), electronic musician/producer, member of LIMBO during its last period of existence, and producer of LIMBOs last album, "Compendium: The Light Fall". The complete artwork is by Gianluca Becuzzi and Marco Formaioni. The two created the artwork for the bands first demo-tape (1984) and mini-album (1986), and the entire graphic concept of "Early Works 1984-1987" is based on the original visual material used in these two early releases.
Although LIMBO ceased to exist some years ago, it left an indelible mark on the international underground music scene.

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