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'LIVE AT ACOUSTIC LAKESIDE FESTIVAL 2018'. The Loranes is about rock. Garage rock meets neo-heavy blues meets psychedelic. Distortion galore, but among all the distortion, it is the catchy melodies that crawl out of the speakers and settle. Pop with barbs, dark and scratchy. It smells incessantly of cellars and glowing tube amplifiers. Limited to 130 copies on black vinyl.


2019 album by Screaming Trees guitarist Gary Lee Conner. Totally psychedelic with many sixties vibes and Screaming Trees guitar style. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. Comes with insert.


GNOD (R+D) is an alternative version of GNOD, in case of this album consisting of co-founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam. This project is to be understood as a platform to research, develop and expand on sound environments as well as collaborators for the future workings in their main band. The follow up to the two cassette-only releases on Tesla Tapes, 'Vol. 3', sees GNOD (R+D) evoking four long-form suites that essentially take on the form of 21st century ritual music for the west, lamenting, contemplating and trying to dissect the capitalist industrial death machine (see their last record). A deep plunge under the surface, we are confronted with emissions of a modular synth that seems to be hidden in a deep nest of industrial flashbacks. Big blocks of sound give way to a mystic talking in tongues, leading us to an acousmatic place that defies orientation. Slowly ascending rhythms from electronic and acoustic sources that constantly interlock and free themselves make us hear voices from the distance, eventually they drown again - before setting free a maelstrom of acoustic snapshots that seem to unite past, present and future. 'Vol. 3' is a ultimately a meditation on how to bring music forward that has to exist in a time where reference and not innovation is the prevalent status quo.


Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Okay Champ deliver the ultimate blend of gloom, fuzz, post paranoia noise. Limited to 240 copies, pressed on random coloured eco vinyl. Comes with a double sided printed lyric sheet.


Praed's fourth album. This is the ultimate kit to prepare calmly for the sixth extinction! The Lebanese duo delivers a raging interpretation of the chaabi -popular Arabic music- using synthesizers, drum machines, samples and other devices. The result is hypnotic and psychedelic, on the verge of trance. The clarinet of Paed Conca and the soaring lyricism of Raed Yassin sound like distant calls for help emerging from a world that is falling apart and slipping away. The record itself is enhanced by its sleeve -designed by the Lebanese artist Raphaëlle Macaron- printed in 5 pantone colors making it as explosive as the music. Download code included. Limited to 700 copies on black vinyl.


Stagg, a quartet from Frankfurt, was one of the very best bands to record at the former German radio station SWF. Comprised of five impressive tracks, featuring flute, sax, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, the band's totally stunning 1974 session now appears on vinyl! Fans of a.o. Gomorha, Thrice Mice, or Jethro Tull should definitely give these recordings, full of twists and brilliant melodies, a listen. The LP-version of this lost masterpiece, presented in a gatefold sleeve, includes a 4-sided insert offering the band's story and rare photos.


'Jams Of Inner Perception' is the first album by Circle Of The Sun, the solo project of Cosmic Fall's drummer Daniel Sax. It combines psychedelic music from the '60s with modern stoner rock. All the 6 songs are instrumental. Limited to 230 copies on black vinyl.


Those psychedelic darlings of the A303, The Honey Pot, power into 2019 with their first album of all new material since 2016's 'Inside The Whale'. 'Bewildered' Jane is their forth long-player, fifth if you include their recent compilation of rarities, and their third for Mega Dodo. Confused? Or should that be bewildered? Produced by founding member Icarus Peel, 'Bewildered Jane' sees The Honey Pot sound maturing. It's richer and deeper, the harmonies lusher and the sound that little bit fuller. It's as if the band has made a collective decision to ditch milk chocolate for a 100% cocoa dark variety. 'Bewildered Jane' may be a tad darker than their previous long-players, but its core remains resolutely familiar. Limited to 300 copies.


Les Synapses is a French band from Le Havre. Mainly psychedelic that goes from Antoine-esque to fuzz-drenched freakbeat oriented sounds. After more 20 years of existence, one EP and a CD demo along the way, 12 tracks were finally recorded in Lisbon at the Golden Pony studios in the spring of 2017. The band always was more concentrated on live performances than going to a studio and record their tracks. Now, finally they have their well deserved LP out on Groovie Records. A KILLER album that will delight all the garage freaks and psychedelic fuzz lovers!!!!


'Time Between Us' carries on the trajectory set by its predecessor, the acclaimed 'Burnt Offerings' (2014), which saw Trent Miller emerging from the darkness that overshadowed his first two albums 'Cerberus' (2009) and 'Welcome To Inferno Valley' (2011), towards a hopeful glimmer on the horizon and a new maturity in songwriting. It's not all sweetness and light though: the past four years have seen Miller navigate his way through a difficult divorce, as well as conquering his various other demons, and this is reflected in the lyrics. Musically, the album is considerably richer, its sonic timbres sighted midway between the melodic folk-pop of The Byrds and the ethereal shimmer of the Cocteau Twins. A fusion of folk, rock, goth and americana that continues to attract a growing following.


Sista Maj is a Swedish improv rock outfit consisting of four musicians who are mainly active in various other bands. Under the direction of Jonathan Segel (Camper van Beethoven, Öresund Space Collective and others) on guitars and violins and some other stuff, Mikael Tuominen (Kungens Män, Automatism and others) takes over the bass, Andreas Axelsson (Augen Make The Horizon, Lisa Ullén and others) the drums and Per Wiberg (Opeth, Spiritual Beggars and others) the keyboard. The music of Sista Maj can be described as instrumental hypnotic intense psychedelic rock in the great Northern European tradition, which ranges from krautrock to the Swedish prog. The vinyl edition, mastered by Eroc, contains some exclusive bonus tracks. Limited to 230 copies on 180 gram transparent yellow/black marbled vinyl.


For the last 30 years, Curvey has been thee driving force behind cult psych-prog-pop band The Luck of Eden Hall. Custard Flux is a new electricity free outlet. Captain Curvehead's sonic ointment to remedy the daily routine of beautiful human life. "This project was born out of a vision I had after acquiring a 100 year old Harmonium, and the ability to be able to set up in the park and play progressive psychedelic pop without any electricity. Newly located in Detroit, I've set out to find a group of like minded musicians, including a double bassist, drummer, keyboardist and guitarist. It's taken some time, but the spark has been lit, and I'm pleased with the music. I hope you like it too." ~Curvey




The Heck, all the way from the North of the Netherlands, Drenthe that is, writes sixties-garage-stompers that easily might blow you away! Frontman Henri was the preaching frontman of de Keefmen and the Miracle Men. This debut album 'Who? The Heck!!!,' which is out on Dirty Water Records (London, UK), contains some future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. Living legend Frans Hagenaars managed to capture the energy of their live shows in the studio which resulted in this timeless debut! Musically the band can be placed somewhere in between the Sonics and Reigning Sound. Their personal favourites Dead Moon, Seeds, Real Kids and Pagans are present and obviously also the Nederbeat influence; Cuby and the Blizzards, The Outsiders and Q65 can be heard when listening to The Heck! Some other good news is that their sold out and sought after singles 'Waiting In Line' and 'For Cryin' Out Loud' are included on the LP! Limited to 100 copies!




LadyBoy is led by the musician Olivier Hazemann, and on the record he's joined by guitarist Seb Martel, drummer Toma Milteau, bassist Antoine Pozzo, piano/organ player Or Solomon, ondist Thomas Bloch, and vocalist Jeanne-Sarah Deledisq, with Hazemann adding keyboard, programming, guitar, and vocals to the recording. Together, the group weaves spellbinding atmospheres that effortlessly move between acoustic and electronic genres while showcasing Hazemann's vocal gift for inhabiting each song with poetic conviction and French style. While LadyBoy's 2015 self-titled LP out on the indie label Microcultures found the band following a more acoustic-driven, chamber-pop approach, 'Rose Calamine' builds on that blueprint by adding electronic elements via keyboard, sequencer, and Thomas Bloch's Ondes Martenot. The band's ability to blend these varied paths makes for an album full of mysterious surprises, while Hazemann's vocal performance smolders with an unforgettable dramatic intimacy. Limited edition of 200 copies with Jelodanti's trademark hand-stamped acrylic album art to complete the picture.


2018 album by one woman electronic band Petra Pied de Biche.


The Work features Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow, God), Bill Gilonis (Hat Shoes, Officer!), Mick Hobbs (Strobe Talbot, Officer!) and Rick Wilson (Family Fodder). This compilation covers a large period from 1981 to 2010. 11 tracks mastered by Noel Summerville and selected by the members of the band. They propose a plural look on their music: revealing both its experimental, radical and deviant approach of rock, as well as more melodic aspect. "It was that time of the century: punk had seen prog off the premises and the New Wave had clambered over their exhausted bodies to claim the citadel for itself. The genius of the New Wave was that it didn't represent any particular musical idea; it was just a name, so anything could fly under its banner - as long as it observed the accepted musical, attitudinal and sartorial conventions. Poorly disguised hangovers from prog, jazz or metal would be rooted out but, in the newly polymorphous cultural climate, rebranding -if honest- would not be punished; indeed, everyone was at it. And the prize was a novel and reinvigorated aesthetic." ~Chris Cutler. SIDE 1: 1. Fingers And Toes (I Hate America 7", 1981) 2. I Hate America (I Hate America 7", 1981) 3. Brickyard (Slow Crimes LP, 1982) 4. State-Room (Slow Crime LP, 1982) 5. Do It (Slow Crimes LP, 1982) SIDE 2: 1. Hell (The 4th World CD, 2010, rec. 1994) 2. Abdomen (Rubber Cage LP, 1990) 3. Dangerfish (Rubber Cage LP, 1990) 4. Eat (See CD, 1992) 5. Read To Me (The 4th World CD, 2010, rec. 1994) 6. Stone (Rubber Cage LP, 1990)




Imagine if 'Incesticide' era Nirvana were crossed with 'Static Age' era Misfits. You'd have sinister low budget horror rock with a visceral, twisted weirdness and bludgeoning riffs. Some might call it nightmarish, we call it Warish. Riley Hawk's effect-laden vocals hearken to early Butthole Surfers and David Yow's tortured caterwaul in Scratch Acid. The guitars are heavy and powerful, though decidedly not straightforward cookie cutter punk; more like Cobain's and Buzz Osbourne's wiry contortions. The rhythms bash and pummel right through it all with aggressive force ensuring that nothing gets overly complicated and the horrors keep coming throughout this 5-track, 11 minute debut.


The Brommers (also Brommerz) were a Dutch punk band, which existed from 1978-1981. After the EP 'Defekt' was recorded in December 1979 and released in 1980, the band performed regularly. A concert in the Paard van Troje (The Hague) was recorded for VPRO television. New studio recordings were made at Radio Nederland Wereldomroep in 1981, after which only two more concerts were given. This set consists of an LP and a 10-inch with previously unreleased demos, live and studio recordings made between 1979 and 1981, and both come on transparent vinyl in full-colour sleeves and heavy cardboard inner sleeves. Each set is packed in a silkscreen-printed and hand-sprayed cardboard box, together with four inserts and a download code. Neither trouble nor expense was spared and the band sounds better than ever before. This is the ultimate and final release of The Brommers! One time pressing of 500 copies.




First time available on vinyl. All tracks remastered. All 7" releases and compilation tracks compiled on this double LP+7". Somehow a sort of "Best Of" and "Must Have" collection.


Departed in May from the nebula of synthesizers, passed through the prepared piano and a symphony orchestra, and after immersion in the depths of the minimal and liquid pieces of 'Underwater', we have reached the fifth and last volume of the 'One Man Sessions' by Massimo Martellotta. 'Just Cooking' is a collection of grooves cooked in total freedom by Martellotta, in tribute to two great passions of Italy, music and cuisine, for an association of the most classic and well-chosen of all time: the one between composing music and cooking a plate.


A previously unheard masterpiece of Israeli multimedia artist Ami Shavit. As a professor of both philosophy and art and established kinetic artist in the 1970s Shavit was fascinated with new and interactive technologies. While mostly focusing on visual art and mixed-media installations, a trip to New York in 1972 introduced him to synthesizers and triggered his curiosity to do some explorations into the world of music or "sound" as he preferred to call it. Ami's research was focused on the concept of meditative music that would help people to relax and create a cosy mood associated to the alpha brain waves and biofeedback. Before starting his artistic career, like all Israeli citizens, he had to serve in the army to his personal regret. Shavit had an operational position, which meant a high probability to get involved in a so called 'hot situation'. When in 1973 the Yom Kippur war broke out, Ami was enlisted again and got the unfortunate opportunity to encounter, in Hanoch Levin's words 'the dead'. Being an operation officer he was in charge of evacuating Israeli wounded officers from battlefields to hospitals. Some 6000 injured men passed through us during that war, he recalled one year later in a newspaper interview. 'I witnessed some sights that I can hardly forget. On the one hand I felt that as an artist I had to express the war events, on the other hand I felt that this is an almost impossible mission. Only Goya and Picasso, in his Guernica, addressed this topic successfully.' Yom Kippur is the final and seminal of Shavit's sound experiments ever recorded and now finally available to the world. We believe that this is an extraordinary strong piece in which the hectic moods and terrific experiences of war are deeply transmitted to the listener. May all soldiers, who are often forced to go through traumatic experiences beyond their own will, find ways to artistically digest and process the unwanted memories.


Canadian Ben Shemie offers up his first solo work, 'A Skeleton', an experimental pop album of cold synthetic sounds with touches of psychedelica. Based on his live, itinerant experiments, the whole album was recorded in a single take with no overdub. The voices and instruments sound as if they were drawn from a not-too-distant future in which artificial intelligence has taken over human life and mutated into an artist. The refined, minimal sonic narration is executed with astonishing precision and sensitivity. With 'A Skeleton', Shemie has definitely painted us a refreshing avant-garde picture.




Formed in recent years in San Francisco, though it may seem more likely that they hatched fresh out of a time travel portal from the mid-'80s Bay Area thrash scene, Hell Fire have the classic look and sound of modern metal's halcyon days. Hell Fire's sonic assault warmly condenses elements of influences like Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Exodus, Metallica, Riot, Virtue and Diamond Head into 8 tracks of headbanging MUYA anthems. The free-wheelin' creativity and infectious vitality of Bay Area thrash is a moment forever locked in time, but its spirit lives on in Hell Fire's galloping guitar picks, soaring harmonies and blistering rhythms. The band's perfect hybrid of NWOBHM theatrics and American thrash attitude delivers a rousing and genuine expansion on sounds long lost to pointless battles over who can be the most "extreme."




The first release on the Rotterdam-based label IMC Records is a live album by Mark Ritsema's Roxy Jazz Music consisting of five free and jazzy interpretations of songs by British artrock band Roxy Music. Recorded end 2017 in Rotown, Rotterdam and mixed by Reinier Rietveld (De Staat, The Kik, Spasmodique). Featuring Mark Ritsema (Spasmodique, Cobraz, Raskolnikov) and renowned jazz musicians Eddy Nielsen, Frans Blanker and Friso van Wijck.


'WORKSHOP FREIE MUSIK 1969-1978' - The annual Free Music Workshops in West Berlin presented by FMP were a remarkable account of creative fire and an explosion of talent. This 3LP set documents the first 10 years with recordings (all otherwise unavailable) chronicling the evolution of European free improvisation. The box -long out of print- includes a 140-page book with written contributions from Steve Lacy, Misha Mengelberg and Peter Brötzmann, plus analytical essays and historical accounts, illustrated throughout with concert pictures and original posters. This is a true highpoint in Be! Jazz's reissue series of long-lost classics from the legendary vaults of FMP Records, presented in restored original packaging and newly remastered for optimal sound. LP 1 - SOLOISTS: 1. Steve Lacy: Bone (7:10) 2. Paul Rutherford: Berl In Zil (5:27) 3. Hans Reichel: Mariahilf (3:30) 4. Tristan Honsinger: I Didn't Care (4:35) 5. Fred van Hove: Daar Speelt De Baiaard Weer (4:36) 6. Derek Bailey: Improvisation 27376 (7:13) 7. Albert Mangelsdorff: Question At Midnight (7:20) 8. Johnny Dyani: Soweto-Simbabwe-Mississippie-Child-Cry (4:46) LP 2 - GROUPS: 1. Schlippenbach Trio: With Forks And Hope (7:02) 2. Schlippenbach Trio: Then, Silence (4:28) 3. Brötzmann/Van Hove/Bennink plus Mangelsdorf: Things And Stuff (10:34) 4. Frank Wright Unit: Chapter Ten (14:18) 5. Schweizer-Carl-Quartet: Konrad usw. (8:04) LP 3 - ORCHESTRAS: 1. Willem Breuker Orchestra: Biannale 1972 (13:17) 2. Globe Unity Orchestra: Thin In The Upper Crust (6:00) 3. Vinko Globokar & Brass Group: La Ronde (12:20) 4. ICP-Tentet: Tetterettet (11:05)




Soul, funk, with psychedelic fuzz guitars and organ drive. Including compositions by Tim Maia, Robson Jorge and Getulio Cortes (Gerson King Combo brother). With a Raul Seixas production, the record opens with 'Vou Procurar Meu Lugar', a dynamite killer soul funk and goes Latin groove with 'Patati, Patatá' or lysergic with tracks like 'Trifocal'. Originally released on CBS in 1971. For the first time reissued on vinyl. No fillers, just KILLERS!!!



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