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'Critical Mind Dump EP' is the follow up release to Dez Dare's current album 'Perseus War.' Veering further into the existential than the album's anti-authoritarian bellowing, it lingers in the electric realms of the mind's purgatory. Like a dream, good, bad or forgotten, it is critical to relieve yourself of whatever shackles tie you to convention. A life dump. This release is the unburdening of thought before the next release. "It's a wild mix of classic garage rock, psychedelic elements (Hawkwind says hello), typical punk riffs of the late 1970s, noise rock à la Sonic Youth or Fugazi, repetitive, shamanic recitations." ~Amplified. "I would say if Hawkwind wrote two-three minute punk songs, they would sound just like this and thats a hell of a compliment!" ~Über Rock.


Jan Van (de Engel) Angelopoulos and Fotis Siotas release an album featuring instrumental, post-traditional and contemporary folk music from Greece. The two musicians have collaborated on various music projects in the past. On 'Folks Nowadays' the combination of rhythm and melody takes on a new perspective with the two musicians taking rhythmic and melodic elements mainly found in traditional music from the wider Northern Greek region, transforming them into a personal experience that connects the past and present, the familiar and unexpected.


Up In Her Room has once again joined forces with Dreamlord Recordings to bring you the incredible debut record from Arboria, on vinyl for the first time! "It is transcendental and meditative, the likes of which Werner Herzog would have employed in one of his '70s films; so, think Popul Vuh and that Deutsche endless spirit. It has a supremely relaxed and stoned immaculate vibe, creating a beautiful bucolic vision of Arcadia. It is gorgeous and aids us in reaching a plateau of peace where we can drift and float forever in wondrous luminescence. Music such as this is truly life enhancing." ~Stephan Work, Slap Mag UK. Originally released on CD back in 2019, this has now been remastered and repackaged, and will be available on super limited 180gr black vinyl with obi strip, download, and a killer rework of the initial design by the legend Jordan Warren.


Sandy Bull's unorthodox approach to guitar was as unique as his personal circumstances. Son of jazz harpist Daphne Hellman and brother to the sitarist Daisy Paradis, Bull became part of the bourgeoning Greenwich Village folk circuit. A move to San Francisco in 1963 found him sharing an apartment with Nubian oud master, Hamza El Din, which had a profound effect on his playing, spurring early world music experiments. The previously unreleased 'Live In San Francisco' features bluesy electric 'Memphis, Tennessee' and 'Instrumental Blues,' plus the abstract 'Untitled Instrumental' and 'Solo Experimental,' all classic morsels of Bull wizardry.


On the same year 1969 that marks their presence at Woodstock, the American rock/blues band Canned Heat released this astonishing live album recorded at the legendary Kaleidoscope, the psychedelic Los Angeles ballroom well known for its revolving stage. The original title 'Live At Topanga Corral' was given apparently for right reasons, only some years after the location of the recordings was revealed. Featuring 'Bullfrog Blues,' 'Dust My Broom,' 'I'd Rather Be The Devil,' 'When Things Go Wrong,' 'Wish You Would,' and 'Sweet Sixteen,' the album reflects the deep blues and rock roots of the group.


Green Was Greener is the solo project of Thomas Stratakis, who returns two years after the release of the debut 'Introspective' with the album entitled 'Love Divine.' The songs are inspired from loss, futility, death and Dante's 'Divine Comedy.' Although the creative process did not start with this concept, specific circumstances and personal experiences resulted in a very personal album. Sonically, the twelve tracks explore neo-psychedelia within the context of pop music, without any specific musical influences.


In her native Sweden, Lena Jonsson is one of the best-known folk musicians today. She celebrates a fresh, modern and above all open view of the folk tradition and draws inspiration from many different musical styles from all over the world. This is no different with her third album 'Elements'. Lena Jonsson has composed all tracks from scratch. Although she is oriented towards traditional Swedish folk music, the songs skilfully take impulses from jazz, rock and bluegrass. The result is a sound which is traditional and modern at the same time. The Lena Jonsson Trio combines traditional Scandinavian shepherd instruments such as the cow horn and the African instruments balafon and mbira.


Here is volume ten of this popular series and like its predecessors the track listing is restored and mastered to the highest standard. The selections are sequenced like a fast-moving DJ set so you can join in the house party with your guests. The album features current dancefloor hits from Dr Robert's DJ box as well as some new discoveries, a remix of a psych classic and unreleased acetates. The songs in this collection are obscure underground sixties club sounds overlooked on release but revered by DJ's, dancers and collectors in the twenty first century, and in many cases compiled here for the first time. Dr Robert first tests these discs out at London club night the Mousetrap where the cool and curious gather for nights of hipshakin' fun, once satisfied they have passed 'The Mousetrap test' he starts spinning them on his global DJ adventures. All these songs have made it onto this album for your dancing, listening, and partying pleasure! SIDE 1: 1. Christopher Cerf - Watch Your Step (Demo) 2. The Confederate Music Corps - The God Of Love 3. Kandy Kolored Konspiracy - One Million People 4. The Giant Red Jellybean - I Need Her 5. Mark Five - Search Your Mind 6. The Sounds Of Tyme - Sold Out Show 7. Edwin - Chien De Rue 8. The Bag - Red, Purple & Blue SIDE 2: 1. The High Tensions - Poor Man 2. Mark Five - Determination 3. The Unknown - Don't Cry To Me Babe 4. No Name - Why Don't We Wait 5. The Sorrows - Which Way 6. The Giant Red Jellybean - Going Out Of My Mind 7. DJ Dr Robert - Lovemaker 8. The Yellow Payges - Judge Carter


The first Mapache Records compilation after all these years. 'One Mile From Heaven' is a dreamy travel through the '70s and beyond private singer songwriters scene. TRACKS: 01. Maitreya Kali - One Last Farewell 02. Gary Higgins - Thicker Than A Smokey 03. Alicia May - Summer Days 04. Dan Gillmor & Doug McClaran - Ghost Song 05. Bobb Trimble - One Mile From Heaven 06. Bob Patterson - Friends Of Mine 07. Jim Sullivan - Jerome 08. Chuck & Mary Perrin - Corrine 09. Dan Modlin & Dave Scott - Loser, Lover 10. Billy Hallquist - Persephone 11. Richard Goldman - Sweethearts 12. Olav Rixen & Ulrich Fausten - Pilgrimade 13. Naomi Lewis - More Beautiful 14. Jerry & Nancy Stevens - A Little Resolution 15. Merrell Fankhauser - On Our Way To Hana 16. Michael Angelo - Field Of Lonely Eyes 17. Carm Mascarenhas - In The Sun 18. Joe & Bing - Daybreak 19. Philip John Lewin - Diamond Love 20. Michael Yonkers - And Give It To You


Full steam ahead into the third decade of band's history. After 20 years, ten albums, more than a thousand gigs in thirty countries worldwide and tens of thousands of tour kilometers covered, Frigg still has the same passion as in the early days. The Finnish septet has been convincing audiences since their self-titled debut album in 2002 with an irresistible mixture of Irish folk, Celtic sounds, American bluegrass influences and energetic polka elements. Frigg are best known for their characteristic violin sound. The musicians like to refer to their style as "Nordgrass". The album 'Perintö - Heritage' consists of traditional folk songs from different parts of Finland.




The BellRays from Riverside, California have always been anchored by the team of Bob Vennum and Lisa Kekaula. They continually surround themselves with top notch cohorts to bring their vision of punk, funk, rock and soul to the world. Teaming up with Mark Cisneros (bass) and Ron Miller (drums), The BellRays made the perfect match between furiousness of punk-rock and deep vibes of jazz/R&B. Since forming in 1990, The BellRays has been constantly working with touring, live internet shows, writing and recording. Building up their faithful base of true believing music fans. In what is the 8th in the Detroit covers series from I-94 Recordings, The BellRays update The Temptations' 1970's socially conscious classic 'Ball Of Confusion.' "We were amazed at how timely and current this song still was. So much of the original lyric content was unfortunately still relevant in America like racial tensions and political ineptitude." - explains Lisa Kekaula. Within a very few changes, the band managed to get an age-old-classics into the whole different context. Musically and conceptually. "We wanted to bring it into a little more modern focus with the mention of the housing crisis, opioids, gas prices and active shooters. It is our way of building a bridge back to the original intent of the song." The flip side has The BellRays' original 'I Fall Down' - a mid-tempo burner that will wiggle its way into your eardrum and take up residence for a bit as you will be humming it long after it has stopped playing. The cover of the single was designed by Ben Brown.


Known as 'the Architect of Rock'n'Roll,' the flamboyant rhythm and blues extrovert Little Richard made an incredible impact with unorthodox piano playing and rasping, shouted vocals, yielding a series of pivotal hits in the mid-1950s, but he abandoned secular music for gospel following a tour of Australia in 1957. Lured back into rock by promoter Don Arden, his UK tour featuring The Beatles as support, 'Little Richard Is Back' was his comeback set for Vee Jay, his voice now deeper and seasoned; the range of covers are tackled with plenty of pep, and original 'Groovy Little Suzy' was co-written by Harry Nilsson. All hail the King!




Long-awaited reissue of the 1985 album of the most iconical of all the UK82 bands, The Exploited. Originally out on the small Belgian Konexion label in Europe and the legendary Combat Records for the overseas market, 'Horror Epics' reached no. 17 in the UK indie chart Top 20, and is still considered an absolute classic of the genre. This superb deluxe reissue, exclusively licensed by Wattie Buchan himself, also features 2 bonus tracks from the original cassette version. Comes on red vinyl.




Unreleased work from cult band Finis Africae sees the light of the day for the first time. A deep trip of the roots of organic ambient with the seminal Spanish band. 'Pulso De La Madera' comes as the definitive official reissue of the first album by the legendary band, along with previously unreleased remastered material, on a double LP with extensive liner notes and previously unseen pictures of the band. Essential to revisit the work of a band that inspired fourth world and organic ambient as we know it today; these tunes sound immersive and still contemporary. On their short but influential career, Finis Africae proposed an informal and decentralized model of creativity that was decades ahead of current practices linked to technological advances; they explored unknown worlds and imagined landscapes of the "fourth world" apart from their present; they neither affirmed nor denied any of the labels they were to assign to them ("New Age", "ethnic music", "world music", etc.); they recreated, used, and nourished foreign cultures without fear. And most importantly - they shaped a sound "finis". Your own space. Where there were no rules. A dimension in which the collective was submerged in long sessions of improvisation; where they could be goblins and magical entities; a place where they could imagine scales and structures unreal; where they could play any instrument in the known world; where they could tour the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Middle East in a blink of an eye; where they could be themselves without caring about anything that happened outside. The unreleased tracks come as a careful selection of a deep-dive over hundred tracks and demos, compiled by Urba and Glossy Mario. The license comes from Juan Alberto Arteche's family.


"Even without detecting in the figure of the refugee or exile the emblematic figure of our time, the loosening of the bonds with a place of origin is no longer rewarded by a search for a promised land. The loss of a deep-rootedness that would provide an identity is no longer perceived as a lack that needs to be filled. We strangers in our own land, and conversely we feel at home everywhere." ~Mario Perniola, Ritual Thinking (tr. Massimo Verdicchio). The Italian philosopher Mario Perniola, in his 2001 essay collection titled 'Ritual Thinking' cited above, dug deep into what it means to be on the go and somewhere in between. Transience becomes tangible. What was self-evident fades away without making room for new habits. Perniola's words run like a thread through 'A Basement Suite,' the longest work on this portrait album by Tim Mariën, and resonate throughout the Belgian composer's entire sound world. Mariën's music settles in Perniola's liminal world, between borders. Here too, musical self-evidences are called into question. Here too the listener can make a landscape of tones their own while listening and wandering.




Dopelord is a stoner/doom band from Poland, founded in late 2010 in Lublin. They released their debut album 'Magick Rites' in 2012 followed by 'Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult' in 2014, 'Children Of The Haze' in 2017, '4 Way Split' with Weedpecker, Major Kong and Spaceslug in 2019, 'Sign Of The Devil' in 2020 and 'Reality Dagger' EP in 2021. Smoking, rehearsing and touring. Their main inspirations are old movies, '70s music and magical herbs. They tune low and play slow! This reissue comes with new cover artwork and includes a different version of 'Skulls And Candles' and the song 'Toledo,' which was originally released only on the 4 way split with Weedpecker, Spaceslug and Major Kong. Comes on green marbled vinyl.


'Homecoming' represents a new chapter in the band's stylistic universe, spurring King Howl's trademark sound while mixing it with new compositional and sound influences. A mix of blues, stoner, psychedelia, and classic rock that paints the soundscape of an on-the-road story set in 1960s America, a narrative plot that permeates the entire work, accompanied by a constant sonic evolution, always on the road. Thus, King Howl returns to the theme of travel, the band's favorite concept from the beginning. In this story, a young protagonist escapes from a rural setting witnessed by the blues sounds of opener 'The Rooster' and rock'n'roll anthem 'From The Cradle,' followed by the beginning of the journey on the Kyussian railroad of 'The Train.' This leads to the nineties echoed spoken-word of 'John Henry Days' to the classic rock sounds of 'Motorsound,' a true ode to the big truck engine's vibrations. Consequently, the sonic journey flows into the oblivion of 'Slowly Coming Down.' Here, doom and psychedelia carry a dark foreboding. 'Tempted,' on the other hand, is a successful mix of country blues and stoner rock, an influence more and more present in the desertic 'Jupiter,' a track inspired by one of the characters in writer James Anderson's novel 'The Never-Open Desert Diner.' At the album's heart, the theme of travel and change symbolizes the animal world with the powerful 'The Great Blue Heron.' This song is marked by the sound of the Hammond organ, which makes the piece even more granitic. 'Homecoming' then pays homage to the great Rolling Stones with the sixties classic 'Gimme Shelter.' Then it concludes this incredible journey with 'Home,' an angry but hopeful homecoming. An epic in music, a round trip of growth and change, of damnation, redemption, and rebirth. The album was recorded in Sardinia by Roberto Macis and Willy Cuccu and mixed by Nene Baratto and Richard Behrens at Big Snuff Studio in Berlin, a key production hub for international heavy psych (Kadavar, Samsara Blues Experiment, Elder, Wucan). A sound production focused on an "organic" analog sound, thanks to the use of vintage gear and a reel-to-reel master made by Nene Baratto at the Berlin-based Morphine Raum Studio.


Italian occult doom/heavy psych band Wizard Master's 'Ablanathanalba' album is even more bluesy, powerful and psychedelic than their first album 'Phasmatis.'




Mixing the theatrical, the operatic and the ghoulish, Screamin' Jay Hawkins was a one-off whose shocking stage tactics helped him find initially fame in the mid-1950s. Recorded in Nashville in 1973 and his sole offering for local label Hot Line, 'A Portrait Of A Man And His Woman' is Hawkins at his most accessible; the title track's haunting delivery and a remake of calling card 'I've Put A Spell On You' balanced by bright takes of 'Itty Bitty Pretty One' and Conway Twitty's 'It's Only Make Believe,' with plenty of grunts, shouts and animalistic interjections beneath Hawkins' operatic and gospel-tinged vibrato. Hawkins fans, take note!




Modern and grounded in 1960s hard-bop sensibility, the American pianist and composer Albert Dailey (1939-1984) had perfect control over his instrument. Since an early age he played with cutting-edge musicians, the likes of Art Blakey, Sarah Vaughan, Stan Getz, Charles Mingus and Lee Konitz to name just a few. But despite that, he was an underrated artist during his lifetime receiving deserved recognition only after his death. 'Renaissance 2 November 1977' is his second album, played by a bold group that includes the voice of Cheryl Alexander, Carter Jefferson on sax, Cecil McBee on bass and features both Cheryl Alexander and Adam Nussbaum on drums. Completely remastered!


Volker Kriegel is considered the pioneering jazz-rock and fusion guitarist from Europe. 1968 was a crucial year for his career as he released 'With A Little Help From My Friends,' his first solo album, and signed with American vibraphonist Dave Pike, joining what would quickly emerge as one of the most popular and influential jazz fusion combos. This precious document, reissued for the first time by Cinedelic Jazz with bonus tracks, highlights all his qualities that enabled him to become one of the most acclaimed and innovative guitarists in European jazz. The original album included two recording sessions; Side A in Cologne and Side B in Frankfurt, with different performers. Side A as a trio with double bass and drums, and on the other with the addition of vibraphonist Claudio Szenkar. The covers performed are the two by Lennon-McCartney 'With A Little Help From My Friends' and 'Norwegian Wood,' and the traditional Brazilian 'Nana Imborô.' Added to the original album are four previously unreleased tracks of great depth recorded at the Deutsches Jazz Festival in Frankfurt in 1968: 'Teaming Up' and 'Vian-De' by Kriegel himself, 'Spanish Soul' by Szenkar and 'Nina's Dance' lasting over 9 minutes and featuring Tony Scott on clarinet and Gustl Mayr on tenor sax. Over the years, Kriegel would go on to participate in over 200 albums.


The core membership of free jazz act The Trio ensured its output was captivating, comprised as it was of double-bassist Barre Phillips, who had played with Archie Shepp, Chris McGregor, and Gong, saxophonist John Surman, who had played with John McLaughlin, Lester Bowie, and Alexis Korner and drummer Stu Martin, who had played with Count Basie, Donald Byrd and Herbie Hancock. On the gripping sophomore set 'Conflagration,' guest players include Chick Corea and trumpeter Harry Beckett, ensuring their take on abstract jazz contains melody as well as jarring exchanges. Another great Trio free jazz set!




Debuting on vinyl is this three-track EP from brown eyed soul artist Monica Rocha, including her duet with Malik Malo in 'Hello Stranger'.




'Ambula Ab Intra' is the debut album of Italian artist Lorenzo Stecconi, presenting his first work for solo guitar. The album title is an ancient alchemic motto which means 'Walk Within Yourself' in Latin. Recorded only and exclusively with electric guitar, the musician explores the threshold of subconscious with heavy drones, fragile soundscapes and haunting melodies, realizing a work between ambient and high-volume drone music. "'Ambula Ab Intra' is an oneiric travel into the depths of the psyche, experiencing the inner path into Self. The outcome is an ethereal work of heavy ambient guitar soundscapes."




An incredible first ever release of the legendary composer Egisto Macchi's soundtrack for Mino Guerrini's 1968 film, 'Gangsters '70.' Created in collaboration with Walter Branchi, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, it's among the most strikingly experimental of all his soundtrack work and remains startlingly urgent more than half a century down the road. This album has it all. Psychedelic jazz, free outings, insane flow, tension, energy, melodic beauty and a telephathis interaction.


Riziero Ortolani (25 March 1926-23 January 2014) was an Italian composer, conductor, and orchestrator, predominantly of film scores. He scored over 200 films and television programs between 1955 and 2014, with a career spanning over fifty years. This is his score for the 1993 movie directed by Pupi Avati.


'LA POLIZIA NON PUO' INTERVENIRE' - This is a record of rare beauty that collects the soundtrack of a 1975 film called 'Drugged Rome: The Police Can't Intervene' (aka 'Hallucination Strip') directed by Lucio Marcaccini. The soundtrack was written by Albert Verrecchia, a French composer who came to Italy in the 1960s and formed the group I Pyranas, with whom he recorded two albums released by Arc. In the 1970s Verrecchia devoted himself mainly to making soundtracks, including the one presented here. Unlike other soundtrack composers, Verrecchia preferred electric sounds to orchestral arrangements. This disc contains interesting tracks in rock and blues styles, with some psychedelic influences. Musicians featured on the record include Cyan, Baba Yaga, Toni Esposito, and singer Sammy Barbot (whom we may remember best as the host of two 1980s TV shows, 'Piccolo Slam' and 'Popcorn'). Singer Edda Dell'Orso, with her soprano voice, also appears on two tracks. In short, a unique record in the panorama of soundtracks.




Baklava from Skopje, Northern Macedonia plays spiritual and danceable folk music. The band have been active in the Balkan world music scene for almost 20 years. Originally, they started out as a quartet that mainly interpreted traditional Macedonian folk songs. But soon the musicians developed their own style and composed their pieces themselves. Baklava are open to musical influences from all over the world. The band's trademark is the numerous instruments, including the traditional Macedonian long-necked lute tambura, the kaval flute and oriental frame drum daf, beside bagpipes, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, accordion and ukulele.


Unheard sounds from Buryatia. Shono revive the ancient rituals of the vast Eurasian grasslands. The autonomous Russian Republic of Buryatia is located in the far east of the country, bordering Mongolia and encompassing the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Today, less than one million ethnic Buryats live in the republic. Under Stalin's rule, many Buryats were persecuted and murdered. Shono (which translated to "wolf") was founded by Alexander Arkhincheev in 2014. The Buryat musician lives in Irkutsk, is a master of throat singing, is considered an expert on Buryat legends and epics, and masters many different traditional Buryat and Mongolian instruments.



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