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Release date: 10/03/2009


Catalog no.: KOD0000030

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"On Neon Creeps, O PIONEERS talk about real life, about meeting real life head on and how absolutely and insanely overwhelming it is. Over a charging melodic backdrop, frontman ERIC shouts out his frustrations with money, old friends, the city and the various problems that everyone deals with daily. However, the band always pushes through all the bullshit to offer some small kind of hope. As great as the lyrics are, they're dependent on the music beneath them to validate them, and in the case of Neon Creeps, it never disappoints. O Pioneers brand of punk sounds strangely more uplifting than it does abrasive. While in a way it could be argued that the point was always more about cathartic salvation than any kind of externally focused confrontation, few bands have managed to make it all sound as personal and listenable."-Marc Z. Grub (PopWreckoning.com)

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